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 The dates of Summer Camp for 2023 are June 17 - July 29.  This paid position includes room and board.  


The work week starts on Sunday afternoons around 3:00 pm, and goes through Friday evenings around 7:30 pm.  Our Camp Cook prepares meals and cleans up the kitchen afterward for about 50 people, 3 times a day.  The Camp Cook also assists with ordering from our suppliers, receives and puts up our PFG Food Order twice a week, and purchases produce and bread as needed.  We usually have a team of reliable volunteers or camp staff to assist with food prep and cleanup.  Between meals, he or she can enjoy break time and is welcome to relax or enjoy our camp activity areas.  


The ideal candidate will have their ServSafe Manager certification and a positive, fun-loving attitude. It truly is a fun place to work, and our campers are usually very respectful and appreciative of our kitchen staff.  


We plan to hire in January or February, but prospective candidates should contact us ASAP by email.

We are always looking for good counselors!  

Our goal is to keep our campers happy and safe - and to lead with love and grace.

Our counselors are typically in college, and they truly enjoy being with children and teens.  The ideal candidate will have a lot of energy and patience, and will be able to keep the campers busy all day while maintaining a positive attitude.  Our counselors can handle noise, a cabin full of excited campers, sometimes homesick campers, and be able to help campers navigate the situations that often arise when adolescents live with a group of strangers for a week in close quarters.  We are always in need of good people with First Aid/CPR certification, skilled in archery, pond fishing, and air pistols/air rifles, and Lifeguard certification is a bonus!

Each day, they lead a variety of activities including fishing, swimming, archery, shooting, crafts, Gaga ball, dance, skits, songs, hiking, team sports, Capture the Flag, and anything else they come up with. We take a field trip each week, usually River Tubing. 

Our camp is small, and typically has around 40 campers distributed between 4 cabins. Our cabins are modern and comfortable, and the food is delicious! 

If you are interested in joining our team for 2023, please contact us by email.