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We are always looking for good counselors!  - 

Our goal is to keep our campers happy and safe - and to lead with love and grace.

Our counselors are typically in college, and they truly enjoy being with children and teens.  The ideal candidate will have a lot of energy and patience and will be able to keep the campers busy all day while maintaining a positive attitude.  Our counselors can handle noise, a cabin full of excited campers, sometimes homesick campers, and be able to help campers navigate the situations that often arise when adolescents live with a group of strangers for a week in close quarters.  We are always in need of good people with First Aid/CPR certification, skilled in archery, pond fishing, and air pistols/air rifles, and Lifeguard certification is a bonus!

Each day, they lead a variety of activities including fishing, swimming, archery, shooting, crafts, Gaga ball, dance, skits, songs, hiking, team sports, Capture the Flag, and anything else they come up with. We take a field trip each week, usually River Tubing. 

Our camp is small, and typically has around 40 campers distributed between 4 cabins. Our cabins are modern and comfortable, and the food is delicious! 

If you are interested in joining our team for 2024, please contact us by email. or call 828-963-4680.

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